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Welcome to Craft of stars

Inspired by book lovers, tailored to readers.

All of our bookish fabric products are handmade in Australia, using high quality and carefully selected fabrics to bring you something truly unique.

Shop online for our range of book sleeves, dust jackets and other bookish accessories - and for something extra special, head to our "Make It Your Way" section to create your own custom items.

We're here for the readers, the dreamers, the coffee-lovers* and the believers.

*and the tea lovers.

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Jess and her attention to detail is incredible! If you buy anything from her you can be sure that everything is perfect. From her sewing to choice of fabric and just the little details. I also cannot stress enough how lovely the quality of the fabric. She is also always so kind and accommodating to any customs requests 

May 10, 2021

The coolest fabric dust jacket ever! Jess has really outdone herself with this one! I love that it’s reversible so you can change it up and it feels truly magical. It’s a must have for all ADSOM fans.

Apr 28, 2021

I have made three custom orders so far and every one of them has been such amazing quality and gorgeous. Fantastic and caring customer service as well. Highly recommend

Apr 27, 2021

I love Jess' products! I've bought a couple items from her and the texture of the materials/fabrics are amazing!! I recently ordered a custom paperback dust jacket and the process was so easy! Jess has a variety of fabrics for you to select from. And I'm so happy with how my dust jacket turned out! Now, I can easily take my book with me, without worrying about getting the book cover damaged. (One of my pet peeves is damaged book covers) Friendly service and great quality! Whether you are looking for a bookish gift for yourself or a friend, Craft of Stars is the perfect place to get it!

Apr 26, 2021

I was OBSESSED with getting a Lara Jean scrunchie and I am absolutely loving this one! Great quality, solid elastic. I like that the elastic is wide so it makes the scrunchie fluffier! The bow of course is the perfect adorable finishing touch.

Apr 04, 2021

Beautifully crafted dust jacket(s) in a great size! If you are looking for something to protect your precious books while reading - this is the solution. :) Seller is super friendly too and replied quickly to my inquiry. Great customer service!

Mar 26, 2021

All the items were carefully made and packaged and the seller was super helpful when organising the purchase and delivery. Everything arrived safe and sound and quicker than I was expecting!

22 Mar, 2021
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Something borrow, something blue...

Beautifully soft floral scrunchies from a collaborative upcycle project.
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dust jackets

for the hard-core hard cover lovers

If you're one of the many readers who take off the paper dust jacket to read your hardcovers, then our fabric dust jackets are just what you need. Slide these on to keep your books protected from damage and finger-marks (this means guilt-free snacking while reading!)

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